Video Streaming

Deliver your content into the best possible quality

Your content is streamed through our servers, which are fully compliant with GDPR regulations. To safeguard your content, we employ industry-standard Digital Rights Management (DRM) measures*, ensuring your content is protected throughout. *Optional

Your videos are private

We ensure your content is delivered to the right place. Each time the URL of your content is accessed, a thorough validation check is performed to verify the authorized access, guaranteeing secure delivery.


Take advantage of DRM as an optional feature to safeguard your content against piracy. Select this option within your current subscription plan to enable robust content protection.

Optimal streaming quality

Whether your viewers watch your videos on a desktop using WiFi or on their smartphones using 3G, you can rely on 42videobricks to deliver the highest quality optimized for their viewing experience.

100% compatible with all players

42videobricks ensures seamless compatibility with all market-leading HLS, DASH, Smooth & MP4 video players. Alternatively, you have the option to utilise the player we provide, which is included in our service.

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